Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine for Addiction Recovery

Times are certainly changing, but the need for meaningful addiction recovery has never been stronger.

Traditionally, medication assisted treatment (or, MAT) for addiction recovery has always required face to face intervention. But now, during these unprecedented times, we must provide options and offer solutions to ensure we not only protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19, but continue to provide quality addiction treatment.

Telemedicine services are now offered for all of our addiction recovery programs to ensure we all are able to stay home, stay safe, and do our part to slow the spread while maintaining recovery from substance abuse disorders. While we do offer telemedicine, it is only utilized for stablized, established patients in the practice. Some our of programs, such as Suboxone, require face to face interaction prior to utilizing any telemedicine services. Telemedicine is offered, however at the sole discretion of your provider. 

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the term for receiving medical treatment through the use of audio and video technologies in real time. While utilizing telemedicine, you can communicate directly with your provider without having to be present in the office. Similar to “Facetime” or “Skype”, our telemedicine services are easy to use and accessible to anyone with an internet connection and computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Depending on each individual case, you may utilize telemedicine for some (or all) of your treatment.

Which programs offer telemedicine?

Treatment utilizing telemedicine is available for all patients in all of our programs who meet specific criteria, and based upon each individual’s circumstances. When required in office, please rest assured knowing your safety is our top priority as we have limited office traffic, reserved longer appointment times, implemented above standard sanitation and cleaning protocols, and conducting screening assessments prior to any admission.

Treatment for alcohol use disorder following The Sinclair Method (TSM), or when prescribed naltrexone, acamprosate or baclofen can be done 100% remotely, however you may choose to continue to come in office as you prefer. If you are prescribed Vivitrol, you must continue to come to the office to receive your injection as this is a medication which is only allowed to be administered in an office setting by a medical professional.

Treatment for addiction to pain pills, opiates, heroin and fentanyl is offered via telemedicine only for established patients in the practice who are stable and compliant. We do not offer telemedicine as an appointment type for new patients entering into our opioid treatment program. As you progress, stabilize and become established in our practice, the use of telemedicine is more flexible, however always at the sole discretion of your provider, based on your current status. 

If you are prescribed Sublocade, you must continue to present in office each month because this is a medication which is only allowed to be administered by a medical professional.

All of our counseling and therapy appointments can be completed utilizing telemedicine and virtual visits when allowed by your physician after showing continued stabilization, compliance and progression.

If you are someone who enjoys and benefits from traditional self help and group support settings like AA and the 12 Steps, or SMART Recovery, please know that most of these programs have transferred to online meetings only. Because of this major change, our office staff has become familiar with the new processes, and will help you begin or maintain these services virtually so that you may continue to participate in these programs without struggle.

How do I make a telemedicine appointment?

If you would like to make a telemedicine appointment for alcohol dependence or opiate use disorder, and interested in The Sinclair Method, naltrexone, baclofen, acamprosate, Suboxone, or Zubsolv, please call 937-354-HELP (4357), or send a message on the form below. Someone from our office is always available to help you as you navigate the process of beginning your recovery during these difficult times.