Suboxone Telemedicine

Opiate Addiction Treatment With Suboxone Through Use Of Telemedicine

suboxone telemedicine
Telemedicine + Telecounseling

How is telemedicine used for opiate treatment with Suboxone at North Dayton Addiction?

Although we do offer telemedicine, it is reserved for those who are confirmed positive for COVID. In an effort to limit office traffic, established patients who have exhibited continued compliance and stability will be allowed to utilize telemedicine in a rotating frequency with face to face visits and compliance regarding counseling and random urine toxicology screening. Additionally, we have incorporated the use of telecounseling for appointments which are therapy only. Also, if you are interested in AA, NA or 12 step meetings, but feel uneasy about going somewhere in a group, we can help you navigate the online meetings system.

What is the new patient process for treatment with Suboxone?

All new patients being treated for opioid use disorder are required to be in office for their first appointment. As an experienced practice treating addiction for over 10 years, we do not believe an appropriate evaluation and assessment of this condition can be conducted and maintained virtually, therefore we do require each new patient in office. As a new patient is navigating their new life free of substance abuse, it is pertinent to be optimistic with a watchful eye. Checking in with your support team frequently, meeting your short term goals and providing urine toxicology screening is truly the best way to succeed in the beginning of your recovery. As a general guideline, our new patients starting their recovery for the first time should expect to present in office at least once every 2 weeks for the first 90 days. 

In an effort to keep up with our core values amidst the pandemic, we have implemented above standard safety precautions to help keep our patients and staff safe. We have limited office traffic to 2 patients per hour, and require masking while in office. We continue to disinfect high traffic areas and have plenty of hand sanitizer! Fortunately we have a very spacious office that allows social distancing. Please note: If you are already established on Suboxone, and simply transferring from another practice, having your records prepared or sent prior to the initial appointment can help speed along the process of incorporating telemedicine into your recovery program. 

When can telemedicine be used for Suboxone follow ups?

Because of the need to limit foot traffic in office and due to our mostly stable patients in the maintence phase of recovery, our active, established and compliant patients without recent history of relapse or aberrant behavior may utilize telemedicine when scheduled in advance. Currently, we allow these patients to rotate between in office and telemedicine with the understanding they may be called for a random urine screen at any point. 

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