Outpatient Suboxone Telemedicine Policies and Guidelines

telemedicine suboxone
telemedicine suboxone

The use of telemedicine was recently implemented due to the COVID pandemic. Prior to COVID, telemedicine was not an option for addiction treatment when controlled medications, such as Suboxone, were being prescribed. This is a new territory for all of us, and we need your willingness to comply with our office protocols regarding the use of such to continue to provide you care. 

If you are a current patient, in a program elsewhere or a family member of friend of someone in recovery, please become familiar with telemedicine policies and why they are in place. At the end of the day, these policies are put in place to ensure that your recovery is not sacrificed. Please read these rules and guidelines and ask any questions now so we can ensure a smooth telemedicine process when the time comes. Please remember that the state and Federal make these laws and we must follow specific guidelines related to proper telemedicine procedures. We need your willingness to effectively participate so we may continue to provide telemedicine. Multiple instances of noncompliance related to proper usage of telemedicine will be documented in your chart, and may result in telemedicine privileges being revoked. 

  1. If you are participating in virtual appointments, you MUST be logged onto the telemedicine link at the time of your appointment. Both your doctor visits and counseling visits are required via video calls. In very few circumstances are phone calls an option. If this is the case, it must be preplanned. If you are running behind, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are not logged on, and we have not heard from you, we may not be able to see you. Please communicate effectively so we can help you without sacrificing other patients! Consequently, we may be running behind, or ahead, and we may ask you to log on before or after your scheduled time. If you are able to do so, great! If you are unable to do so, we will understand and honor the originally scheduled time.

Links: The links do not change. Please save on your phone, on your computer, or wherever you can easily access this form when needed. Furthermore, please take a moment prior to your appointment to ensure you are ready to log on well before your appointment time.

For your doctor: www.Doxy.me/NorthDaytonAddiction

  1. Please do not attempt to switch your visit type just before your appointment. The type of appointment you are expected to participate in for your next visit is planned at the time of your last visit. Additionally, the text message reminder you receive 2 days prior to your follow up states the type of visit you are expected to complete. If you are scheduled to be in office, you must come in office. If you are scheduled for telemedicine, you must be prepared at home to participate in your visit in the same manner you would do so at the in office appointment. You cannot choose last minute to do a telemedicine visit. *Please remember, if you claim that you are sick, have COVID or have been exposed without properly communicating within an appropriate time frame, we may require you to be tested. This will result in your appointment being rescheduled, and a potential delay in your prescription. Lastly, if you do not show up for an in office appointment, and log onto the telemedicine link, you will be asked to immediately present to the office. If you are unable to do so, this may result in your appointment being rescheduled, which may delay your refill. 
  1. You must be in a private, still location where you can speak freely within the state of Ohio. Do NOT be driving a motor vehicle. If you are driving at the time of your appointment, we will immediately end the call which will result in your appointment being rescheduled, which will delay your refill. If you are out and about with your family and unable to discuss key components of your appointment, your appointment will be rescheduled, which may result in delay of your prescription. If you are on vacation outside the state of Ohio or Indiana, we are legally unable to provide telemedicine.
  1. Telemedicine is a privilege, not a right. Your physician determines if telemedicine is appropriate based on your compliance with the program. The frequency of telemedicine visits versus in office visits is determined by multiple components of your chart, depending upon appropriate urine screening, compliance with counseling, stability, and specific life circumstances. Generally speaking, telemedicine visits are reserved for stable and compliant patients. This is because of how important face to face interaction is when you are in fact struggling in your recovery. This is for your own good, not to complicate your life, but rather help you restabilize, and ensure you remain proactive with your recovery efforts. If you are struggling, recently relapsed, or generally noncompliant, you can expect to visit the office for each appointment until you have stabilized. If telemedicine is allowed, you can expect to visit the office at some point for a urine screen. If you are compliant, have been stable and doing well with appropriate urine screening and up to date counseling, you can expect telemedicine visits to be allowed more frequently. 
  1. To participate in telemedicine, you must have a credit card (with sufficient funds) on file, have pre-paid for your visit or made prior arrangements prior to your appointment. If you are participating in telemedicine, your payment will be run the morning of your appointment. If you need to change your card on file, please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If your card is declined, we will require payment to be fulfilled prior to the appointment. If payment is not received, it may result in your appointment being rescheduled, and a delay in your prescription could occur. If you need to change your card on file, please provide us with enough time to do so. If payment is ran, we will not refund the payment to switch the card. 

All of these guidelines come down to a very simple life philosophy: communication is key! These rules are simple, standard, and not asking for too much. Your ability to appropriately follow them will determine the frequency in which you are allowed to continue to utilize telemedicine. Please do not jeopardize your recovery by attempting to bend these rules in any way, shape or form. Help us help you and everyone else utilizing telemedicine services by choosing to participate in a manner that is consistent with our requirements for outpatient recovery treatment.

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