Gem City Podcast – Alternative Treatment For Alcohol – The Sinclair Method

Recently, Dr. Paul was asked to participate in Gem City Podcast with Libby Ballengee to discuss The Sinclair Method, an alternative treatment for alcohol use disorder which doesn’t follow the traditional “detox/abstinence/meetings” approach. The Sinclair Method, or TSM for short, is a treatment approach for problem drinking which uses naltrexone, an opioid blocking medication, while actively drinking. The results? Gradual decrease in consumption, lessened cravings and lessened urge to continue drinking once begun, and gaining an overall control on your drinking.

Naltrexone has little to no side effects, and it’s one and only job is to block the receptors in which alcohol binds to and produces endorphins. Because those endorphins are blocked and not being released while drinking, your brain simply doesn’t urge you to keep drinking. You’ll find you slowly lose interest in alcohol without a struggle, and it makes the choice to keep drinking or stop drinking that much easier.

The Sinclair Method is one of many approaches we utilize when treating alcohol use disorder; we’ve found the most overall patient success and satisfaction within this approach because we are able to treat a wider range of folks who simply wish to drink less or be in control their drinking in a manner that does not disrupt your daily life and without the struggle of needing to “white knuckle” it and remain abstinent to succeed.

In the podcast, you’ll listen to Dr. Paul discuss with Libby how the method works, it’s benefits and what you can expect with a long time patient of ours who has found a complete “life-saving” transformation over the 36 weeks he’s been doing TSM.

Pictured you’ll find David’s drinking log kept throughout the duration of his treatment thus far. David, as well as most who follow TSM, state that once starting this approach, the gradual decrease in overall consumption is effortless.

A MUST LISTEN! –Click Here To Listen To Dr Paul On Gem City Podcast Discuss TSM

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