FORMAL STATEMENT: Navigating Our Medication Assisted Treatment Program During The Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Formal Statement Regarding Addiction Treatment During COVID-19

Addiction recovery during hard times

We are committed to providing quality, ongoing treatment in a safe environment, through good times and bad. During this unprecedented time, we want to ensure you that your continued recovery is our number #1 priority, as well as doing our part to stop the unnecessary spread of COVID-19.

North Dayton Addiction and Recovery Services will remain open for services throughout the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Our mission has always been to serve those in need of addiction recovery services with the best options for long term recovery, and the timing is now to really help those maintain through the time to come. Because what we do is a medically necessary service, our office will remain open to continue to serve our primary purpose. Please remember, pharmacies will not be shut down and you will not be left without a recovery program and essential medications related to maintaining your recovery. Assuming you follow your treatment plan guidelines and make a good faith effort to work with us during our new reality, we will get through this together. 

Please remember that participating in an office based opioid program has rules and regulations related to treatment protocols, governed by Federal and state boards. These regulations have not stopped during this time, but we have been given the green light to “relax” some key components related to our expectations based on each individual patient history and current status at the sole discretion of your provider

Our office has strict guidelines for anyone who must make an in office visit. 

  • If you are over the age of 60, have a fever, flu-like symptoms, a dry cough, or have come in contact with someone with known exposure, YOU MUST let us know prior to your appointment so we may devise a plan which ensures everyone’s safety. 
  1. Only 1 patient will be permitted in the office at a time. To ensure this happens smoothly, you may not come into the office any earlier than 5 minutes before or 5 minutes after your regularly scheduled appointment. If you do not make it within the allotted time, CALL before coming into the office. We will either allow you in once the office is clear, or schedule you for another timeblock the same day.
  2. There are no guests permitted into the office during your appointment. If you have children which must be with you, please let us know about this prior to coming, so we may ensure we do not exceed capacity. 
  3. When in the office, you must follow the 6 feet rule. Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands immediately upon entering. We also have masks available as needed. Please leave any office supplies you’ve used in the allotted areas so we may sanitize immediately following its use.

Our staff is taking extreme caution to ensure we do not spread the virus while in office. Currently, we are not accepting cash and require use of a credit or debit card, and appointment cards will not be given. (If you need assistance on how to obtain a reloadbale debit card, please ask, as this will likely be the new normal for most places, not just our office.) We have limited our in office working hours, and promoting appropriate duties to be done remotely. Also when staff is in the office, we are checking temperatures. High traffic areas, such as the main lobby, front desk area, toxicology screening room, bathroom and doctors office are being sanitized after each person, as well as extreme caution to door handles, pens, and clipboards. Our water machine and coffee maker is unavailable for use, but still providing complimentary bottled water. Please do not touch anything that isn’t necessary, and ask us for anything specific you need which isn’t readily available. 

For the time being throughout this crisis, we are allowing some telemedicine services on a per patient basis, at the sole discretion of your provider. These appointments must be conducted via real time face to face video conference, which requires an internet connection, and access to a web service. These services are dependent upon your previous and current compliance with program, current status, and level of maintenance and establishment with the practice. Any patient who utilizes telemedicine services are subject to routine or random urine drug and pill count participation, which will require an in office visit on a specific day where face to face interaction precautions are in place. Payment must be paid prior to your visit with the doctor.

We are accepting new patients throughout the duration of this crisis. In order to begin treatment, you must report for an in office new patient evaluation by a doctor. Depending upon individual circumstances, once a patient is established in our practice with multiple urine drug screens and in office visits, we may continue treatment via telemedicine when applicable. 

Counseling and ongoing recovery work efforts are still necessary, required and expected. We have options regarding telecounseling for our patients who may struggle with maintaining a therapeutic relationship with their counselor during this time. We are sincerely concerned with heightened cravings, relapse and potential overdoses related to these stressful times. Online support meetings are being promoted, and our staff is available to help assist your enrollment in such. We are offering Narcan prescriptions to be called in without an office visit, and advise everyone to keep this life saving drug around not only at all times, but especially during high stress times like we’re experiencing now. Remember, your tolerance for opiates is VERY LOW when participating in medication-assisted treatment, and overdose spikes have already been reported. We are committed to providing ongoing resources and options related to obtaining the appropriate self help strategies, so please communicate with us regarding your needs at this time and we will certainly help you obtain it. 

Lastly, please remember that our office has a 24/7 contact number which you may call or text at any time. You will reach someone in real time to address any concerns, and help you work through it.

[email protected]


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