Can You Actually Forget To Want Alcohol? (Modern Day Science Says Yes You Can!)

Simply put, there is only one reason people drink alcohol: because it makes you feel good. Chances are, when you had your first drink you didn’t necessarily enjoy the taste of alcohol, but you learned that the effect it had on you was worth it so, over time, you learned to enjoy it. But, if your brain wasn’t getting the rewarding effects any longer, would you continue to drink it and continue to crave it? No!

Can you actually re-wire your brain to “forget” about alcohol using medication? Naltrexone is a medication that blocks alcohol from attaching to the receptors responsible for the release of the feel good feelings. This 12 minute video will change everything you thought you knew about recovery from alcohol use disorder.

If you have tried (and failed) the traditional recovery options, like detox and inpatient stays, AA / 12 step meetings, and white knuckling through abstinence, you’re not alone. But now you have options.

The Sinclair Method for alcohol use disorder has an 80% success rate.

TSM requires you to simply take a medication one hour prior to drinking, every time you drink. When doing so, you are intentionally eliminating the reinforcement that alcohol provides, and essentially allowing your brain to re-learn that it does not like alcohol. Over time, one can expect to reduce alcohol consumption drastically, and gain the ability to control your drinking on your terms. You can take it or leave it. 

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